Do you do custom orders?

I try not to do custom orders since I don’t always have access to the same flowers and frames. Feel free to reach out through Instagram DMs or email to see if I am willing to take on a specific project.

How do I get on your pre-order list?

I have taken pre-orders in the past through Instagram DMs, however with the launch of my website I will not be taking any more pre-orders. Feel free to reach out through Instagram DMs if there is something really specific that you are looking for, but in order to keep myself more organized I will be limiting the amount of projects I take on.

How many of each design are in stock?

Usually, I make just one of each design. I feel very lucky that I can willfully ignore the demand for repeat products and create what I’d like while still being popular. But, repeating designs is often boring for me and doesn’t leave me room to grow in a creative sense. There are a few designs I stock multiples of, like rings, half hoop daisies, Star/moon Huggies. I will always indicate in the product description if there is more than one available.

I really liked this pair you made, will you be making it again?

There are very few designs that I repeat on a regular basis. I try to make every single piece one of a kind - especially since no two flowers are alike! But, more than anything, I try to keep my creativity flowing and for me that isn't done by repeating designs. So, definitely let me know if there is something that you like - it does help me to know what's popular.

You sold out so fast! I was adding things to my cart and by the time I went to checkout they were gone!

Shopify (the platform I use to run my site) doesn't hold items in a cart. So, whoever is first to complete their checkout with the item(s) in their cart is the first to get them. This can be mitigated by setting up a payment option beforehand - like paypal, apple, or google pay - or by purchasing items one at a time. If you would like to combine your orders into one package, you can message me to get a refund on extraneous shipping costs. 

What are your earring hooks made of?

All of my gold hooks are 14k gold plated and all silver earrings are made with sterling silver findings. Golden studs may vary from stainless steel, gold plated, brass, and nickel-free options. Black earring hooks and gold hoops are nickel free. And Huggie hoops are hypoallergenic. Feel free to ask about a specific pair though my Instagram DMs or email (mylamakesstuff@gmail.com)!

When’s the next batch?

I tend to follow a two week posting schedule and try to drop on the weekends. The most accurate information will generally come from my Instagram stories.

Is shipping included?

I default to USPS first class shipping which is free for orders that are $30 and up! otherwise shipping is a flat rate of $3.50. If you would like to choose USPS priority shipping it is $8 and UPS ground is $8.50.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! International shipping starts at $11 and goes up depending on how far your package may be traveling. Please expect it to take between two to six weeks to get to you and be gracious if your package is running late  Covid has seriously delays all international mail.

My tracking hasn't updated in a while, do you know where my package is?

Once a package is shipped, I have exactly the same information as you! I am always willing to put in a missing package claim if you haven't seen your package move in a few days, but there is no guarantee that it will actually do anything. I have a lot of faith in USPS to get the job done, even if packages arrive late.

What's your return policy?

At this time, I don’t accept returns  if you’re unhappy with the quality of your purchase please let me know and we can work something out!

What's your refund policy?

There have been instances where a package goes missing and I offer a refund or remake of an order. I do prefer to re-make opposed to refunding an order, but feel free to message me with whatever concerns you may have and we will work it out.


Send me your questions through my Instagram @mylamakesstuff or my email mylamakesstuff@gmail.com :)